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Valuation for Divorce

Our team are professionally qualified Chartered Accountants and Corporate Financiers with extensive experience in assisting clients and their legal advisers with business valuations for divorce purposes. We act for a huge variety of businesses and are used to dealing with the whole spectrum, of situations– from the ‘amicable divorce’ to the very hostile.

We understand that divorce can be a very traumatic experience and thus we strive to minimise the stress and cost to those involved when dealing with valuation matters.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects affecting the company’s value are considered and ‘measured’, confident that our thorough research will achieve the robust valuations required to withstand close scrutiny.

We take instructions either from clients or their legal advisers as an individual party expert, as a single joint expert or as a shadow expert and aim to help business owners and/or their spouses to understand the implications of divorce relative to their business interests. Each situation is different, as are the interests which may range from a majority share in a company, a minority stake, a partnership in a business to any number of other interests.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you, or your client if you are a professional adviser, please do not hesitate to get in touch for an exploratory conversation or to arrange a free initial meeting. Telephone Malcolm Coomber on 020 8652 2450 or email mec@clarksonhyde.com