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Due Diligence

Buying a business can be a fraught process and getting the detail right is essential. A due diligence review is the last stage of the buying process when you will have access to the target’s books to make sure that what they have presented as their financial standing is true and you are getting the deal that you’ve agreed in principle. Once the deal has completed there is likely to be restrictions as to what can be done if discrepancies come to light and the consequences can be enormous.

Our experienced team will help you to avoid this outcome by conducting a full financial investigation. We can assist with the whole acquisition process – from finding suitable companies to negotiating the best deal.

If you are lending to or investing in companies, or perhaps looking to provide credit as a supplier, it can also be prudent to commission a due diligence investigation to reduce some risks. We have worked with many clients across different industries to deliver detailed reports with a speedy turnaround.

To learn more about what a due diligence review would involve and how we can assist you, please call Andrew Seton on 020 8652 2450 or email ads@clarksonhyde.com.