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AIM & ISDX Listings

AIM was set up in 1995 by the London Stock Exchange in order to help smaller, innovative and entrepreneurial companies to raise capital and create a market for their shares.

ISDX (ICAP Stock & Derivatives Exchange), formerly known as PLUS-SX, is operated by ICAP plc. It is an independent UK market regulated by the Financial Services Authority, specialising in smaller and growing companies and offering an alternative to AIM or a first step on the ladder up to the senior markets.

In addition to UK companies, both markets have become increasingly attractive to international companies who benefit from a public market based in London to fund further expansion and to raise their global profile.

If you are considering a flotation to raise funds, increase your company profile or to provide an exit strategy, as a UK or overseas business, we can assist you to evaluate the suitability of an AIM or ISDX listing and guide you through the whole process. In some cases this can involve looking at the structure of your business and your business plan.

As well as introducing you to the nominated or corporate advisors, brokers and lawyers you will need to progress a flotation, we can act as Reporting Accountants, preparing the various reports required and reporting on capital adequacy, financial systems and profit forecasts. Our tax specialists can also advise on the tax implications of your flotation.

If you are interested to learn more about the mechanics and likely costs of taking your company to AIM or ISDX, then please contact Andrew Seton on 020 8652 2450 or email ads@clarksonhyde.com.