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Management buy-outs and buy-ins

Are you considering buying the business you’re currently employed at or are you part of a team that are looking to come in from the outside and take on ownership? If so, we can guide you through the whole process – from approaching the current owner and negotiating terms of a deal to handling the complex tax structuring to keep your exposure to a minimum.

When could an MBO or MBI opportunity arise?

  • A group deciding to sell a business that has become non-core.
  • Succession issues – the owner or owners of a private company wish to retire.
  • Where there is dissent among existing shareholders.
  • A company in difficulty needing to sell part or all of its existing business.
  • A Receiver or Administrator selling a business as a going concern.

In any of the above circumstances, a strong management team could find itself with the once in a lifetime opportunity to take control of a business, often at an attractive price, with a substantial potential upside.

We can help you with the key considerations of a management buy-out or buy-in. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Malcolm Coomber on 020 8652 2450 or email mec@clarksonhyde.com for a chat or to arrange a free no-obligation meeting.